Our Subscription Box

Every month, subscribers get plants chosen by us and delivered directly to them without having the hassle and stress of deciding which amazing plants to pick. First, choose the planter that speaks to you, then choose the colors. The plants in your subscription box will cycle through a variety of our current plants and pot colors in stock. Your new plant will either come in its nursery pot placed inside of the planter or repotted inside the planter itself. We do our absolute best to provide you with the widest variety and combinations possible!

Get Planted!

Elevate your space and get specifically chosen plants right to your door? With our Get Planted Subscription Box, we’ll send you an exclusive plant hand picked by us that is not available on our site along with a selection of planters to choose from. All you have to do is choose your planter style and color and get ready for your plant to arrive!

  • You will receive one exclusive plant and a planter of your choosing

  • Each month you will receive a different plant

  • Feel free to change your planter style and or color selection anytime

  • Automated $35/monthly charge

  • Need a break? Pause or cancel your subscription any time

Girl Holding Plant