Introducing deVINE Plantery

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Founded by MAPSO natives, Kelly Brown and Maya Haynie, deVINE Plantery was built on the love of caring for houseplants. We believe that tending to the plants that we bring into our homes creates an atmosphere that forces us to take a step back and be present in the current moment. Something that we all need right now.

We are so excited to join the Maplewood and South Orange community and share our passion for plants with all of you!

Introducing deVINE Plantery

Who We Are

Childhood friends, turned plant enthusiasts, turned business partners, Kelly and Maya have always loved plants! During their college years in Philly, the two women found a way to strengthen their bond through caring for houseplants. The sometimes stressful and anxiety inducing ups and downs of college paired with transitioning into adulthood, was balanced out by the time that was spent tending to their plants. The one thing that seemingly kept them sane. They bonded over caring for calatheas, misting parlor palms and propagating pileas. Kelly and Maya have seen the positive influence that plants can have on our mental health, especially during tumultuous times, and deVINE strives to bring that same joy and peace to our community.

What's Up Next

deVINE Plantery is officially set to launch in late Summer 2020 in the Maplewood South Orange community. In the meantime, we will be sharing our launch journey with you through our Instagram, and