How To Prepare Your Houseplants For Summer: Our Top 6 Tips

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As plant parents, we all know the excitement that we feel as the warmer weather comes around. Spring and summer means that our plants will be in hyper growth mode! What most people don't know, is that many houseplants that are currently sold on the market are classified as tropical or sub-tropical plants. This means that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is growing season for our plants, and creates the perfect conditions for them to flourish! Continue reading to learn deVINE's top 6 tips for caring for your plants in the summer.

Tip 1: Prepare your plants in spring!

Okay, we know it's a bit late for this now, but this is a great tip to keep in mind for next year! Getting a head start is key to ensuring that your plants have an amazing growing season. As mentioned above, many popular houseplants are tropical, and when spring begins, so does growing season for your plants. It's best to prepare them by ensuring that your plants are in optimal growing conditions so that they can flourish.

Tip 2: Repot your plants.

When inspecting your plant babies before growing season, take note of any plants that may be too large for their pots. Repotting plants in the spring before summer will let them reach their maximum growth potential. Some signs that it may be time for you to repot your plants include; shrinking soil, roots peaking through the drainage hole, dramatic decrease in growth, and soil that is quick to dry.

Tip 3: Clean the leaves.

Wintertime is often gray and gloomy, so it's easy for your plants to sit and collect a thin layer of dust on their leaves which can block them from absorbing all the sun's rays. To clean the leaves, use a slightly damp cloth or paper-towel and gently wipe each leaf down in a swiping motion. This is especially important for plants with larger leaves!

Kelly's Tip: Use a small amount of coconut oil instead of water to clean your houseplant's leaves! The oil gives your plants a little extra nourishment and shine. *Be sure to test this on a small section of the leaf first if you have an especially sensitive plant.*

Tip 4: Prune, prune, prune!

When inspecting your plants at the beginning of spring, you may have noticed that some leaves or stems may have begun to turn brown or wilt. This is a common occurrence with some houseplants, as they can enter a state of dormancy during the winter. To encourage new growth before summer, be sure to delicately prune any dying or wilted pieces of your plant so that it can reallocate that energy into producing new growth!

Tip 5: Fertilize

To further help you plant baby grow to the best of its ability, it's a good idea to apply fertilizer at the beginning of growing season. Every plant requires different fertilizer mixtures, so it's important to research the best fertilizer for your particular plants. Miracle-Gro's Indoor Plant Food Spikes work with most popular houseplants, and is our favorite general use fertilizer. The spikes slowly release fertilizer to your plants roots with every water!

Tip 6: Get them more sun

This might seem like a given, but get your plants more sun! As the days get longer and the sun rays get stronger, you can begin to slowly move your houseplants a bit closer to windows so that they can soak in more sun throughout the day. By the time summer rolls around your plants will be ready to spend a few hours a day outdoors in direct sun! Be sure to introduce them to the outdoors gradually, to prevent leaf burn.

We hope you take these tips and use them to prepare your plant babes for the best time of year! For more plant posts, follow deVINE Plantery on Instagram, and don't forget to sign up for our email list!

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