How To Prepare Your Houseplants For Summer: Our Top 6 Tips

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As plant parents, we all know the excitement that we feel as the warmer weather comes around. Spring and summer means that our plants will be in hyper growth mode! What most people don't know, is that many houseplants that are currently sold on the market are classified as tropical or sub-tropical plants. This means that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is growing season for our plants, and creates the perfect conditions for them to flourish! Continue reading to learn deVINE's top 6 tips for caring for your plants in the summer.

Tip 1: Prepare your plants in spring!

Okay, we know it's a bit late for this now, but this is a great tip to keep in mind for next year! Getting a head start is key to ensuring that your plants have an amazing growing season. As mentioned above, many popular houseplants are tropical, and when spring begins, so does growing season for your plants. It's best to prepare them by ensuring that your plants are in optimal growing conditions so that they can flourish.

Tip 2: Repot your plants.

When inspecting your plant babies before growing season, take note of any plants that may be too large for their pots. Repotting plants in the spring before summer will let them reach their maximum growth potential. Some signs that it may be time for you to repot your plants include; shrinking soil, roots peaking through the drainage hole