A Bit About Us

Behind the Scenes

deVINE Plantery is a small online plant store based in New Jersey. We are both a black-owned, and women-owned business, and we take so much pride in providing beautiful houseplants to our local community!

We believe that the process of buying and caring for plants should be a personalized experience. This experience is one that the big box stores don't adequately provide. That's exactly why we created deVINE Plantery! Thank you for visiting our site, we hope that you'll follow and continue to grow with us.

Meet The Team

Childhood friends, turned plant enthusiasts, turned business partners.

The founders of deVINE Plantery met as kids way back in 2nd grade and become instant best friends. Having both gone to university in Philadelphia, they were able to share and grow their love for plants, bringing them even closer. Read on to learn more about our amazing Co-Founders!


Kelly Brown


Born and raised in NJ, Kelly has a background in engineering and has worked for a medical device companies in North Jersey. Funny enough, she got her love of plants from Maya! While getting her Bachelor's in Bioengineering at Temple University, she became more and more enamored with surrounding her space and life with plants. While in Philly, she was able to grow her plant collection from 3 to almost 30 in a matter of 2 years! As a Co-Founder of deVINE Plantery, she makes up one half of this local team striving to bring plant care into peoples lives.


Maya Haynie


Maya's first encounter with houseplants started like most people's, with a trip to IKEA and the purchase of a yucca. From that point forward she was obsessed, and slowly grew her indoor jungle, plant by plant, until her entire apartment was full!  Maya has a strong background in digital marketing and currently manages organic channels for a startup in Manhattan. Now, she's ready to take her love for plants to the next level with Kelly, and together they will share it with the world.